Historic Hotel in Fredericksburg, Virginia


Many loyal guests remember Fredericksburg, VA history and the days of "The Barn on the Golf Course" when the Sheraton Inn Fredericksburg Conference Center occupied the site where the Fredericksburg Hospitality House now stands.

Before the Sheraton and the golf course that surrounded it, a dairy farm known as West Lee Hill or Orange Grove Farm occupied the property. Sidney L. Shannon, Jr. bought it in 1955 (our Shannon’s Bar and Grille is named after him). Mr. Shannon used the 275 acres of grazing Aberdeen Angus cattle, but he kept the dairy barn that had accommodated 125 milk cows. The barn’s exact age is unknown, but it appears in photographs taken in the mid-1900s.

A New Beginning for an "Old Barn"

Construction began on the Sheraton Fredericksburg in November, 1965. Great pains were taken to retain the barn, and elements of it remain in the Hospitality House structure to this day – in some places you can still see the circular walls of the old silo, for example. The lobby and reception areas are in what was once the first floor of the barn, and the Fredericksburg and Board Rooms are in the former hayloft upstairs.

The Sheraton opened in January 1967, and the hotel and conference center has remained a host for guest lodging, hospitality and dining, as well as a popular facility for conferences, local meetings, reunions, weddings, anniversaries and celebrations of all kinds ever since.

Additional renovations began in 1998 to transform the hotel into the Holiday Inn Select Fredericksburg Hotel and Conference Center, which opened in 2000. The property became the heart of Fredericksburg’s growing Central Park shopping, entertainment and dining development.

Virginia Landmark Hotels, LLC, purchased the Holiday Inn Select in 2006, and upgraded it to the Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel and Conference Center in December, 2007. After more than four decades as the area’s premier hotel and conference center, the historic Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel and Conference Center is proud to be the area’s new home for hospitality, dedicated to quality, comfort and service for Fredericksburg, the Washington/Richmond corridor and all of Eastern Virginia.

  • Interesting Fact: Fredericksburg is one of only 42 “independent cities” in the United States that is not considered to be located in a county. Though nearby counties include Spotsylvania, Loudon, Caroline and Orange Counties, the city is completely independent and outside of any county boundary lines and not actually part of any of them.