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Adventure of a Lifetime

July 03, 2018

Some people may question whether jumping out of a perfectly safe airplane is the best idea, but those are not the type of people Fredericksburg Skydiving Center is looking. In all seriousness, those looking for the adventure of a lifetime in an extremely safe environment may want to partake in a tandem skydive with the company that has over 20 years of successful jump experience. You are safely harnessed to the front of your instructor, and the two of you free fall from about 12,000 feet to 5,000 feet. At that point, if you are feeling brave, you can pull the cord that releases the parachute that begins your gentle float to the ground. Of course, if you are unable to do it, your instructor will release the parachute and guide you to land. From such amazing heights, you will have views of Fredericksburg that you will remember or the rest of your life. 

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