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Experience an Early American Tavern

May 09, 2018

In the early days of the United States, and the days leading up to the revolution that led to its founding, life was considerably different than what we experience today. To get an accurate glimpse into the life of an 18th century American, you will want to visit The Rising Sun Tavern. Located only 10 minutes from the Fredericksburg Hospitality House, The Rising Sun Tavern was built by George Washington’s brother Charles around 1760 as his home. It became a tavern in 1792 and operated for over 35 years as a place for travelers to stop for a rest, a meal, and a drink. What makes this tavern so unique is that much of the woodwork is the original materials that Charles Washington used when he first built the place. In addition to the historical significance, tour guides in period dress add some humor to the proceedings. The Rising Sun Tavern is a piece of American history that you will not want to miss.  

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