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December 03, 2017

The Fredericksburg Area Museum is a delightful combination of culture, art, and history with a connection to the modern world. Located just 10 minutes from the Fredericksburg Hospitality House, the museum is the perfect place to get lost for hours on a lazy afternoon. The variety of exhibits means that there is something for people of all interests to enjoy. The Merry Trees exhibit features Christmas trees decorated to match up with themes from Children’s literature. The Pleasure’s Past exhibit, which runs through the end of December, looks at the life and leisure of Fredericksburg citizens throughout history. Those with an interest in the unique and the bizarre will want to visit the Oddities and Curiosities exhibit. If you are fond of local history, the 1942 Fredericksburg Flood exhibit looks at the impact and legacy of one of the biggest disaster in the city’s history. The Fredericksburg Area Museum deftly combines fun and education with interesting exhibits we think you will absolutely enjoy! 

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