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Family Fun at the Museum

January 06, 2019

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Family Fun at the Museum

The Children’s Museum of Richmond has an amazing Fredericksburg location that features plenty of interactive exhibits for the whole family to enjoy. The museum is located only about 5 minutes from the Fredericksburg Hospitality House, and the short drive is worth all of the fun that you and your family are sure to have. One exhibit that the kids will surely enjoy is Future Me which allows children to explore possible career paths by mixing personality questions with their own aspirations. Other highlights include The Book Nook, full of comfortable places to curl up with a book, Union Bank, which introduces your children to money and saving, Automotive Area, which has a mountain made out of tires, The Dentist Office, where children are taught about the benefits of good dental health, and The Grocery Store, where the kids can learn all about healthy eating at the local grocery store. If you are looking for an afternoon of excitement for the entire family, then you will want to visit the Children’s Museum of Richmond.

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