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Float Like a Butterfly

September 02, 2019

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Float Like a Butterfly

Monarch butterflies, with their trademark orange, black, and white pattern, are some of the most recognizable and beautiful butterflies in the world. Unfortunately, due to climate change, loss of habitat, and predators, the monarch butterfly population is dwindling. In order to learn more about what you can do to help monarch butterflies, you should plan to attend the Monarch Madness event at Caledon State Park on September 22. The beautiful park is only about 40 minutes from the Fredericksburg Hospitality House, and this one of a kind experience is definitely worth the trip. From 2-3 pm, volunteers and park employees will tag the monarchs so they can be studied and tracked as they make their incredible, long journey from Mexico all the way up to the Northern United States and even Canada. You will not want to miss your opportunity to participate in this wonderful conservation effort to help save the monarch butterfly population.

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