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James Monroe: Attorney, Founding Father, President of the United States

May 02, 2017

As the original purveyor of the Monroe Doctrine, US President James Monroe (1817-1825) articulated a policy toward European colonialism in America that would come to define the United States’ relation to Europe and to Latin America. As a visitor to Fredericksburg, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library to learn more about this Founding Father, President, and fascinating figure from American history. Once the site of the future president’s law practice, the museum that now stands at 908 Charles Street exhibits furnishings, clothing, household items, documents, and many other artifacts that belonged to President Monroe and his wife. You’ll also be able to tour the James Monroe memorial garden and see the famed bust of President Monroe fashioned by sculptor Margaret French Cresson, daughter of Daniel Chester French.


Address: 908 Charles St, Fredericksburg, VA

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