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The Historic Mary Washington House

April 06, 2020

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The Historic Mary Washington House

Just like the rest of us, even the father of our country loved his mother. In fact, George Washington loved his mother so much that he bought her the charming, white frame house at 1200 Charles Street where she spent the last seventeen years of her life. Located just ten minutes from the Fredericksburg Hospitality House, her comfortable home was the last place that Mary saw her son before her death—just before he became the first President of the United States of America. Along with Mary’s famous garden, which was beautifully reconstructed by the Garden Club of Virginia in 1969, the historic building still stands today, housing a one-of-a-kind collection of period furnishings and even some of Mary’s own possessions. Next time you have a chance to visit, don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity to gain some insight into the personal life of this beloved Founding Father.

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