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World War 1, 100 Years Later

August 06, 2018

This year, 2018, marks 100 years since the end of World War I, or the “War to end all wars” as it is also known. To commemorate this occasion, the National Museum of the Marine Corps is housing a joint art exhibit detailing the involvement of United States Marines and Sailors in the Great War. The one of a kind museum is only about 25 minutes from The Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel, and the works housed there are well worth the drive. This new exhibit, “The World at War: The Marine Corps and US Navy in World War I,” has already debuted and will continue until April of 2019. Some of the 42 artists on display are former service members who used art as a way to show what they saw in battle. There are even some of the posters that were displayed here in the USA urging citizens to support the war effort. In many ways, the men and women who fought in World War I shaped the world we now live in, and this temporary exhibit is the perfect way to remember their sacrifice and bravery.

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