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Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel Employment Opportunities

 Lobby at Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel & Conference Center

We offer challenging employment in Fredericksburg, VA for our associates and they are rewarded with jobs in which they are empowered to do what it takes to be successful. In addition to personal accountability, our culture is also supportive of the lives of our associates and the various commitments they have to their families and the community.

The selection of our associates, therefore, is just as important as the selection of our hotel assets. Associates who perform their jobs in Fredericksburg, VA well are quickly recognized and rewarded with unparalleled career opportunities.

We strongly believe that we work in order to live, and not the reverse.  We believe there should be a healthy balance between work and personal/family time.  Being in the hospitality business, we also believe that it is important to enjoy work and have some fun.

If you would like to grow with a sound and solid company please contact our Human Resources Department. We are very interested in meeting individuals with excellent customer care skills. We can train you to do the procedural part of a job but we cannot teach you to smile.

Bonnie E. Martin
General Manager

Please complete the 2-page application and fax it to me and every consideration will be given as opportunities arise. Or if you prefer you may email your resume to me in a word document.

To contact the Human Resources Department:
Phone: (540) 786-8321
Fax: (540) 786-0397

Download Application:

Thank You